Surprising Gesture of Dog Who Was Saved From Euthanasia in a Shelter Melted Everyone’s Heart

Do you happen to have any pets? Having an animal is like having a best friend that is always by your side to cheer you up.

Unfortunately, some people abandon their pets in shelters after a few months or years. Owning an animal is not only a challenge but also a responsibility.

It is sad to see how someone buys an animal for fun and, one morning, they wake up and decide to get rid of it.

Beagle Gregory was one of those animals. The dog was scheduled for euthanasia. However, Joe Kirk came up like a miracle and saved this dog’s life.

You can see a picture of the emotional moment in which dogs and owners meet for the first time.

The dog, named George by his new owner has been given a second chance to live.

Gregory made a nice gesture that melted everyone’s heart, hugging his hero Joe.

According to Kirk, the dog is extremely cute and warm. Finally, George has a new home and a new owner. Thanks to Kirk and his wife, George is now a happy and healthy dog.